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Supportive, Individualized Education Focused on Your Child

Brightmont Academy in Washington

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At Brightmont Academy, we understand that one-size-fits-all doesn’t work for some students. That’s why we offer a different approach.

Our one-to-one instructional model is designed to identify and support the needs of each student, whether they struggle with depression and/or anxiety, learning disabilities, health issues or other special needs.

Brightmont’s educational model is mastery-based, empowering students to actively engage in their studies at their own pace while being challenged and supported throughout the learning process.

Help your child grow academically while building confidence. 

About Brightmont Academy

Brightmont Academy is an accredited private school offering one-to-one instruction and tutoring for students in grades 6-12.

Founded in 1999, we have helped over 3,800 students experience success, and have 14 campuses in the states of Arizona, Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, and Washington.

One Teacher, One Student. Every Class, All the Time.

At the center of Brightmont Academy’s personalized learning approach is one-to-one instruction: one highly qualified teacher working with one student throughout every learning session.

Customized Learning Plan

Brightmont Academy offers customized learning plans tailored to each student's individual academic needs, learning difficulties, and styles.

Flexible Scheduling

Some students focus best with shorter learning periods or at specific times of the day. At Brightmont, students can choose their own schedule and work at their optimal pace. Teachers motivate and mentor students, helping them stay on track to graduate.

The Current Educational Model Doesn’t Fit Your Child. We Offer a Different Path.

Our campus directors and teachers can customize both the instruction and the learning environment to help your child reach their full potential. With our one-to-one instructional model, your child will have the full attention of an experienced teacher. Every class. All the time. We work with:

  • Students suffering from anxiety and/or depression

  • Students with learning difficulties

  • Gifted and 2E students

  • Athletes and performers who need flexible scheduling

High Quality Education That Produces Results

To foster continual progress, each teaching moment is optimized to accommodate a student’s needs:

  • Understanding: At every step, the teacher evaluates and adjusts instruction.
  • Learning style: Instructional methods leverage each student’s learning strengths.

  • Pace: The pace of instruction slows when the student struggles and accelerates when the student "gets it."

  • Motivation: The teacher finds the most effective ways to encourage and motivate each student.