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Educational Offerings for Every Student

At Brightmont Academy, we understand that one-size-fits-all doesn’t work for some students. That’s why we offer a different approach. Our one-to-one instructional model is designed to identify and support the needs of each student - and our educational offerings are designed to address the top needs students may have.

Our Educational Approach

Our customized one-to-one instruction focuses on the unique academic needs and learning style of each student. As students realize learning gains and feel valued, their academic success and self-confidence grow.

The cornerstones of our educational model include:


One-to-One Instruction

Your child will be matched with an experienced teacher who’s focused on meeting them where they are and helping them make great progress.


Mastery-Based Learning

We ensure your child understands the concepts and skills presented in each lesson. We’ll try many different approaches to help them tackle difficult content and reinforce what they already know.

Customized Learning Plan

Is your child ahead of grade level in math, but needs to catch up in reading? Our instructional plans address his or her unique strengths and weaknesses.


Nurturing, Supportive Atmosphere

We want your child to build confidence in his or her abilities—not just pass tests. We celebrate wins, encourage persistence in the face of struggles, and help your child prepare for a lifetime of learning.

Support for Every Student

Since our educational model and environment are fully customized to each student, we provide support for a diverse range of needs, including:

  • Students with ADHD and learning disabilities
  • Gifted and 2E students
  • Athletes, performers
  • Students facing serious or chronic illness
  • Students who need extra academic support, tutoring or credit recovery
  • Homeschooling students requiring extra instruction in any subject
  • Students who were victims of bullying and are looking for a supportive and safe environment

Our Approach Works
Students and Parents Agree

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Better Academic Performance

85% of parents have seen their child's academic success improve since coming to Brightmont.

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Building Relationships

95% of students say that Brightmont makes sure there is at least one adult who knows them well and shows interest in their education and future.

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Emotional Impact

95% of parents say their child now talks about school in a positive manner when they are home.

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Improved Self Confidence

80% of parents report their child is more confident as a student and has less school-related anxiety since coming to Brightmont.

At Brightmont, we're committed to helping each student - and each family - thrive

Partnering with students and parents to help each student reach their full potential and support them no matter what, is at the heart of what we do at Brightmont Academy.

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Brightmont has had such a positive impact on my son, and in turn our whole family. He works completely independently on his own, has less to no anxiety, and has even gained a lot of self confidence. The whole Brightmont experience has been positive.

Melissa P.

Brightmont helped him realize his strengths, regain his confidence and excel academically. His anxiety of school diminished, he believes in himself and can actually see options for life.

Asli A.

We have only been attending Brightmont for a short time, but we have seen a huge change in our daughter. She has told us that she feels relief that she can finally understand what is going on in a school setting. The decision to go to Brightmont has brought a sense of increased peace and happiness to our household overall!


Brightmont Academy has been instrumental in re-energizing my son's passion for education. The teachers and school administrative staff are supportive; they've exceeded my expectations in every way! Brightmont has rebuilt my son's
confidence; I couldn't be happier!

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